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Wimberley is known for so many things – the beautiful Blanco River, Blue Hole & Jacob’s Well, and all fun things to do for families and couples. But, Wimberley is also home to some great businesses, artists and craftsman – from our downtown shops to market days and other products found online or through custom order. Every year I try to find something uniquely Wimberley for my gift giving…and wanted to share that list with you!   Visit these shops online, or come to town and enjoy The Emily Ann Theater Trail of Lights, our downtown full of shops and all the holiday fun going on!   Need some help on where to stay?  Contact me:  Jodi@jodib11.sg-host.com

Cypress Creek Lavender

Handmade Body And Home Products

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs and these beautiful and wonderful smelling lavender products make the perfect gift for anyone who loves naturally made soaps, shampoos, and home products. All of their products are handmade in small batches and packaged here in the beautiful Wimberley Valley near the banks of Cypress Creek. Many of the products are seasonal because they use fresh ingredients and they strive to maintain a small carbon footprint by locally sourcing organic herbs and flowers.

You can buy at:

Kamaway Market @ 112 Wimberley Square

Booth #235 Wimberley Market Days

Locally Raised Wagyu Beef

Flying C Cattle – Wagyu Beef & Beef Products

Yummy!  This year I’m going to try some delicious Wagyu steaks or a roast for my Christmas Dinner!!!   I was so excited to find Flying C Cattle and their delicious Wagyu beef – from NY Strip, Ribeye, Roasts, Ground Beef, Ribs, and Brisket to Bones, Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks, Dry Sausage, Pho Broth, Bone Broth, Tallow, Flat Irons, Skirt Steaks, Jalapeno and Cheese Cured Beef.

If you haven’t had Wagyu Beef, you need to try it!   Holiday Specials and packages are available.  Frozen beef and cured products can be shipped nationwide and they will delivery locally from Austin to San Antonio and occasionally to Dallas.

Flying C Cattle raises cattle that are direct relation to the original imported Japanese cattle made famous by Kobe Beef, Flying C continues to breed these genetic lines for superior marbling, creating intense flavor and excellent tenderness. Wagyu Beef is Healthier too! The Wagyu breed has the highest percent of monosaturated fat of any US beef and the highest amount of CLA(conjugated linoleic acid) per gram of any foodstuff and 30% higher than other beef breeds. All of this adds up to a healthy heart and lower cholesterol!

They offer all cuts of beef, sausages, cured meats, bone and pho broth, and tallow. Please email russ.whisler@wagyu4u.com or check us out on Facebook.  You can also buy at Vittles Market in downtown Wimberley. 


The Senior Citizens Craft Shop

This adorable little shop in downtown Wimberley is completely comprised of gifts made and sold by some of our very talented Wimberley seniors.  You’ll find so many handmade gifts, books, and more.  This little shop is one of Wimberley’s downtown treasures – not only for gift buying, but also just to enjoy a visit with locals.

Wimberley Glassworks Annual Ornament

These beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments are a treasure and one of my favorite Wimberley gifts.  We love going out to watch the glass demonstration and see their newest products, especially in the fall when they have the fall pumpkins and holiday decor.  This is the 20th year they’ve made these beautiful glass ornaments and they are a true collector’s item for any lover of handmade pieces.

Wimberley Glassworks is one of the country’s top custom glass makers and have been making beautiful custom glass pieces – from jewelry to lamps to glassware and custom light installations for nearly 30 years. 

Custom Made Succulent Arrangements

The first time I went into Ceremony, I was blown away with how much fun this shop is!  Natalie, the owner, works with you to find the perfect planter – some are very unique (or bring your own)  and she helps you fill it with potting soil and then choose succulents and other plants to create an amazing succulent arrangement.  I love this shop not only for the plants but also for her nature-inspired home decor and other products. She has grown to include furnishings as well.  Check them out next to The Wooden Spoon in downtown Wimberley.  

WTX Trucker Hat

From the Farmer And I Apparel Company This cute, Wimberley Texas Trucker Hat is a great gift for anyone who loves Wimberley!  Perfect for a day on the river!   More products available including t-shirts, sweatshirts and more.

Buy Online:

Jessica Davis Custom Earrings

Every time I visit The Med Spa I drool over these beautiful, custom earrings from Jessica Davis.  Buy at the Med Spa in Wimberley. 

Crosses by Chris Vaughn

I love crosses and have several I’ve collected from all over the Hill Country.  This one by Chris Vaughn is custom made from railroad spikes on a walnut background.  It’s 36 inches tall and one of a kind. 

He has other crosses, lamps, wall decor and other custom designed art decor and jewelry in his shop in the Lumberyard area on Old San Antonio Road in Wimberley.  (near downtown) 

Contact him on Facebook or via his website.  www.chrisvaughn.com


Christmas cookies!  Get in my belly!

Everyone loves Christmas cookies, but who am I kidding – AIN’T nobody got time for making cookies this time of year.   These adorable cookies are delicious and available by special order from Sweet Water Cookie Company.  Order their custom decorated sugar cookies all year for any occasion.  Orders can be placed via Facebook or  calling or texting 512-468-6713, or email cindy@sweetwatercookies.com

Custom Steel Fire PitS

Everyone loves a fire during the cold winter months, and this custom fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio.  They also do custom gates and these adorable horse shoe Christmas Trees.  

Order yours or any of their other steel products here: 

Buzzard Steel 
Or check them out on Facebook for more info

Lazy Texan Seasoning

Lazy Texan seasoning is a custom spice blend made right here in Wimberley.  We use it all the time – one of my favorite ways to use it is when cooking fresh green beans, pinto beans or cream peas, but it is good in pretty much everything. 

This seasoning contains a unique blend of salt, garlic, chili powder, cayenne and other spices.  You use the Lazy Texan Seasoning just the way you would have used salt and pepper, but you will actually use less because of the flavorful combination.  

Check out the website for more recipe ideas and to order online. 

You can also buy it in Wimberley at:

The Wimberley Way in downtown Wimberley

or Cactus Coffee out at the junction
(moving soon to river road at Sugar Shack) 

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Sixteen years ago I drove south from my home in East Texas to find Wimberley - one of the most beautiful towns in Texas. And in those 16 years my kids, husband and I have made a point to experience most of what Wimberley and Central Texas has to offer. Nothing makes me happier than being asked why they should visit the area, where they should stay and what they should do while they are here. Now, I want to share Wimberley with the world - the thriving shops and restaurants; the renowned art and theater; the beauty of our hills, river, creeks and wildlife; and the small town fun that those of us in Wimberley get to experience daily. I hope you will let me be your tour guide.

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